Update v0.2

Please post below suggestions and bug fixes, I read everything and will try to implement them.

-Main Updates-

Alot of this update was suggestions from my reddit thread, big thanks to reddit users /u/redtapp and /u/fallingfloorgame for the feedback!

  • Game has entered Pre-Alpha.
  • New Logo.
  • All Maps have new scenery.
    • Front scene has a few new blocks along with the telepad to the tutorial screen.
    • Player Select has background scenery of the bombs and pickups, along with a crate containing the arenas.
    • The Arenas and arena select has a no gravity cube background.
  • New tutorial that explains the bombs and pickups.

-Small Updates-

  • Update to dash physics and usage.
    • Previously there was a bug where player 1 had a more powerful dash than player 2.
    • You can now only dash if your players Y value is greater than 0.75 (the platform being 1).
  • Small changes and bug fixes.
    • Small realignment of scenery and bug fixes.


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Aug 08, 2017

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